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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some questions we are asked often with the answers.  If you cannot find the question you want answered simply fill in the form on our contact page, enquiry page or email us. 

For our core Murder Mystery events we recommend a minimum of 25 guest.  While we can work with less, 25 seems to be the benchmark to get the atmosphere and interaction working well.

We do have a slightly different service for smaller groups which involves using some of your guests as actors instead of bringing an entire team of actors.

Read more about the different services here.

There really isn’t a maximum number for our events.  We have performed for 250 guests in a single evening event or taken over an entire English Village for a full weekend.  Obviously once we go over 150 guests there is a little more planning but we love a challenge!

This is the most asked question.  Its up to you but for some more detail around this subject read this article.

We have performed our Murder Mystery events in restaurants, cafes, museums, airplane hangers, vineyards, cruise ships, trains, school halls, private homes, in a garden and in the middle of a field!

As long as there is plenty of room for the amount of guests you are bringing and an area, room or stairwell away from public access so we can stage some props and material, that usually fine.  As all our scripts are custom written we can design the event around the venue as well as your group.

Absolutely.  We have relationships with plenty of Sydney and NSW venues and are happy to liaise directly with the venue.  If the event is outside of the areas we have a relationship with, we can source and contact the venue for you too. *Additional costs may apply*

Leave it to us!  If you give us the details of the venue coordinator, we will liaise directly with them.

Our team also arrive at the venue well before the event (roughly an hour before your guests arrive) and will meet with the venue staff to answer any questions and let them know what is going to happen.  We like to make sure the staff know so they don’t call security and have us escorted out! (It has happened before)

While it doesn’t have to be, it does help with relaxing your guests and creating the right atmosphere. Again we can help you source the best caterer and plan the food and beverage menu. *Additional costs may apply*

Perfect – running one of our Murder Mystery events around a dinner works really well.  Depending on your group, a stand up finger-food type cocktail party works the best but again, we can work around you and your group.

Good question!  Especially in a corporate group, there will be some of your team who are happy to watch but do not want to actively question the suspects, hunt for clues or be more involved.  While this number is always a low percentage of the group, we are aware of the dynamics of your group.

One of our team gets a slightly more minor part to play but takes on the role of director.  The responsibility of this actor is to keep their eye on the crowd and advise the Cloak and Dagger Team on any issues.  More often that not this involves simply being a little less over-the-top around a particular guest or group.

Even if someone doesn’t want to be involved, they will still enjoy the event.

No.  Cloak & Dagger bring a couple of prizes to give away that takes care of the presentation at the end of the event.  These prizes are more than adequate and you do not need to supply anything else – unless you want to.

Yes – but with their permission and their involvement.

While our core product is live-action events using our actors, we can write in some of your company or guests. However, there is a time commitment with this approach.  Performing and concentrating for the amount of time the events go for is hard work.  If we use a member of your staff or a guest or two, they need to be aware that they are going to need to work at it, including a rehearsal, a walkthrough before hand and will have a list of items to say and do during the event.