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Turn your event into a wow

This is no board game or a set of prompt cards given to your guests so they play a part.

We write a unique script around you and your guests, bring actors into your event and commit murder right there within your group.  Your guests get to witness the murder up close, examine the crime scene, interview the suspects and ultimately accuse the guilty party.

Fancy yourself as a Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes or maybe Inspector Clouseau?

Scroll down to read about our different services and to see an illustration of how a Murder Mystery works:

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How a murder mystery works

How it works:

1: We welcome and mingle with your guests.

For the first part of the night, our actors will have your guests completely believe they are who they say they are – indeed some of the actors will be posing as waiters or photographers or the partner of one of your guests and will be completely hidden and beyond suspicion. Each actor takes on a unique character.

2: Shock your guests.
When all guests are feeling nice and comfortable, something will happen to take everyone off guard.  An argument, an unexpected guest’s arrival, a shock announcement – something that will shock your guests and change the night.

3: Cause chaos!
An announcement is made telling everyone that a Murder Mystery is underway and that at some point, somebody in the room is going to be murdered.  All guests (in teams or individually) receive a statement book to gather evidence in and write notes based on conversations, physical clues, observations and more.

Over the next couple of hours there will be arguments, physical clues dropped and discovered, tantrums, slaps, fights, manipulation, corruption, misdirection, lies and more!

4: Commit Murder.
The murder will happen amongst your guests – there will be blood!

When the murder happens guests will have a final chance to question the suspects, complete their statements and accuse the guilty party.

Once the body is removed and all statements collected, all suspects will take part in an old-fashioned line up leading to a “Will the real murderer please step forward”.

Statement books are read, prizes awarded and a few bad answers laughed at!


Murder Mystery

This is our core service.  We write a custom script around your group and event, bring actors in to perform and even supply the prizes.  Events can be as short as 2 hours and as long as a full weekend.

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Crime Scene

This is an add-on to our core Murder Mystery events. In addition to the script and actors, we set up a crime scene for your guests to investigate.  The event then starts immediately after a murder.

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Become an actor

This is an add-on to our core Murder Mystery events for medium to large groups. We still write a custom script and bring actors, but we write some of your team into the script also. We then come and train these team members to take a part.

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Become an actor – Small Group

This is an alternative t0 our core Events meant for smaller private groups.  We bring in a smaller amount of actors, still write the custom script but use some of your team to be the other actors. 

Custom invite design

Other add ons:

  • Invitation design
  • Venue consulting and liaison
  • Catering liaison
  • more…

Some of our customers:

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Plus plenty more large, small and private clients..

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